Original Artifact from Yin Shang Dynasty
Lantern Festival
Original Artworks from Mother Nature
New York City

Do you want to know more about what is the sustainability all about? Can it brings somethings good to your life?
Have you ever think about what metaphysical things your dreams brings up to you? Do you want to be more creative and explore your spiritual world, such as doing some some art stuffs?
How about join our Taosidency© Project? We are honored to be with you in a inward journey! Make your invisible imagery visible to sll appreciators.
You are freely to try a new “operational system” for yourself. You can give yourself a moment to upgrade yourself by thinking some thing over . You can be part of our culture activities, workshops and exhibition. Learn more about your nature gift and potentiality through art therapies. Or you just need s place to do your self-directed project, present it to the public and earn somethings back to yourself legally. If some of these suggestions sound good to you, come and join our Taosidency© Project. Click the button to learn more!

Rural Mix © Project

This is a vanguard-styled platform for off-line experience on creative cultural contents such as cinema、acting、visual arts、 new media and more. It is also the arts fair for general public operated by CCCA in Beijing. It is the venue to general public presenting our projects with various theme of original prototype, works, creative seminars and academic courses. Here is the bridge to connect imagination world with reality for artist-in-residence and guests. It is a melting pot of culture divinity in a nature state. Please come and visit us when you are in Beijing!

The Cookie House

The Winter Garden

Autumn Fairy tales

Digital Cinema

Do you want to make films with a group of creative professionals? Do you want to understand more about the philosophies behind the cinema screen in the digital age? Do you want to know how to express your idea through the movie language beside just playing with hi-tech tools?
Let’s work with the movement of “Belt & Road”. Make new stories for internationally. Be on the same page with us. Be our members. Right now. it’s FREE now!

Workshop System

Some is not as about so below. If you want to know about yourself, you can get an answer from art therapy. Some answers are also available from ancient knowledge that may bring new inspiration to your personal development. Come and join the package of study. We will work with you to discover the lost wing that could enable you to fly in this new age.

Talents Recovery

Power Nana Bee

Nana Bee likes arts and gastronomy. She is a Chinese novelist who wrote near thirty books and get them hard published so far. She is neither a feminism nor vegetarian. However, she is a happy lady who have developed a method with arts to help people finding inner harmony of truth, light of happiness and inner recovery, all of which are ways to solve difficulties in family issues or working issues. If you want to learn modern Chinese and creative culture, it is recommended to join her program.

State of Balance


This is the manage entity to operate social campaigns and commercial production in great China. It is a synergy to make better value from raw cultural materials, originals and prototypes in business world. On the other hands, it also makes a home for creative expats who wants to find a career or professional development from our legal services in China, It  is the place to get opportunity and some helpful consultation. Become our member you will learn more updated supports.

Management of Sustainability

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