Greeting! People of 21th Century.

Original Artifact from Yin Shang Dynasty
Lantern Festival
Original Artworks from Mother Nature
New York City

Do you like arts? Do you want to be more creative and explore your spiritual world?
Do you want to know more about sustainability for your life?
How about join our Taosidency Project? We are honored to be with you in a wonderful Journey.
Try a new operational system for yourself. You can be part of our activities, workshops and exhibition. Learn more about your nature gift and potentiality.


The is the venue of off-line experience for creative culture contents such as movie、paintings、sculpture、 new media and more. It is also the arts fair for general public operated by Center of culture Creative & Advertisement, Beijing. We are scheduled to run monthly with various theme of original artworks, seminars and courses . More>>

Film Making

Do you want to do film making with a group ? Do you want to understand more about the philosopher behind the movie history? Do you want to know how to get your idea through the cinema language.
Let’s work with the way the “Belt & Road” goes. Be one of our members. Right now, it’s FREE!

Idyllic Cultivation

Some is not as about so below. If you are interesting in the sacred Chinese ancient knowledge that may bring new inspiration to your project, come and join this researching program. We will work with you to know better about this culture on going development that may enlighten you lifestyle in the new century .

Power Nanabee

State of Balance

Nanabee is a Chinese novelist who wrote near thirty books published so far. She have developed a method with arts to help people finding harmony of truth, light of happiness, inner recovery or some family issues. If you want to learn modern Chinese culture and creative culture, it is recommended to join her program.