Art Programs


iNGO Academy is an educational institute of communication arts found  by professor Louis Wang. The research center is  located in an opulent and Eco-friendly village where just likes the “state of nature” as the French philosopher Rousseau stated. It is  also a place with stomposphere of Taoism, a idyllic rural for spiritual cultivation and life recharging.

All participants in our programs have the opportunity to explore their own potential capabilities and practice hands-on skills. Also they can get helps to complete their own projects, earning confidence when back to their universe.

Our team includes  academy programers, media producers and artists, We also work with local government and conventional educational system toward a goal that help general public an opportunity to go globalization and advance their culture tastes . We also manage to conduct several projects, with other business groups at downtown area, focusing on communication arts & culture exchange.

There are several working brands currently managed toward development:

The is a residential project opened for all creative people who would like to practice “Arts and Sustainability” in Beijing. Serious artists or culture schslors are also welcome to be the instructor of our participants.

Campus Earth
The is a series educational courses opened for people who are looking for international training on arts and technology in an Eco-friednly environment.

Workshop System( i+ School)
This is the systemic hands-on on-location  workshop for people who want to earn their confidence on creativity and improve their spiritual quality.

Urban Gallery
This is a the exhibition,  supported by local curators,  taking place inside downtown areas to showcase media artworks and result of activities.

I+ Media
This is a production service  to help  companies in  business and industry moving towards and joining  sustainable development.

We welcome all who would like to take part of our projects. Please contact us for further information.

School of Creatives