Fairy Tales of Autumn: Flash Arts Exhibition in Beijing

Since 2007, Prof. Wang Louis, the founder of the iNGO Academy, has been organizing the Rural Mix in Beijing, cultural innovation become a driving force in global economic.

In 2017, the iNGO Academy presented open exhibition Rural Mix “Winter Garden” to the general public. In the summer of 2019, the Cookie House was opened, bringing elegant and creative art to culture and art lovers.

Now Louis Wang is working with curator Nana Bee again, ready to put the DNA of art into the history of Chinese neo pastoral age. If you want to show your original works to the world in a idyllic venue, you will have an opportunity to participate in the fall of 2019.

The iNGO Academy will hold a flash art exhibition called “Fairy Tales of Autumn” at Rose Manor in Shunyi, Beijing. The Cookie House, surrounded by a lovely pastoral atmosphere, is full of charm and innovative hall that can enhance six sensory perceptions.

[Fairy Tales of Autumn] Flash Art Exhibition.

The scheduled date is September 20-22. Creatives, innovators and recreation seekers will work together to create a journey of excitement, novelty and joy.

If you are a visual artist, a designer, a contemporary artist, amusic and performer, a master of new media, or craftsman, then this is a good opportunity for you to bring your talents into the new world. We also welcome emerging artists to show their experimental works on vision, hearing, smell, taste, touch and spirit in this place. Let the “Fairy Tales of Autumn” Flash Art Exhibition attract cultural and art enthusiasts to visit the novelty hunt, bring six senses of impact to the public, experience joy and the beauty of cultural surfing, like dreams, forever keep in mind.

[Fairy Tales in Autumn] The Flash Art Exhibition will be held in Cookie House as well as its surroundings. Cookie House is not only a venue for professionals to exchange ideas and information. It is also a space open to investors, collectors and the general publics. It will become a window for people to experience new perceptions of spiritual life. You can participate in the exhibition individually or in groups. However, your creation must be original or prototype.

If you are interested in our project and want to join, please reserve space to establish your wonderful presentations.

The creatives who want to participate in Fairy Tales in Autumn should pay attention to the following information:

At present, there are 12 units inside Cookie House and 20 units at outdoor compound.

Registration fee for artists: 100 rmb < including media publicity and exhibition badge >

The in-house showcase starts at 500 rmb < the detailed price depends on the size of the exhibition area applied for )

Outdoor exhibition area: 200 rmb

The Flash Art Exhibition will be exhibited by the artists themselves. The aim is to make the artist’s creativity play freely and create their personal characteristics. All sales during the Flash Art Exhibition will go to the exhibitors them self. The organizers will not take any commission. If you want to participate in this flash show, you can apply for space now. It’s better to take action immediately.

For more details, Please add Wechat ID “Nana BeefromNY” with the key word “Flash Fairy Tales in Autumn”.

If you want to extend the stay of your works in house after this arts fair, you can apply to the organizer for an extension. We will inform you the details of the exhibition schedule based on quarterly or annua ly rental.

If you are creatives outside China, we strongly suggest you to take our Taosidency program to get into the cultural mood first.

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