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Welcome to the information page after your registration. Please read further about  iNGO Academy.

If you like what are we doing and would like to be an appreciator 、supporter or participator learning something more to enrich your life, here could be a wonderful place for you. We will have a chance to work together to reach higher degree of achievement and find out what is the real meaning to all’s individuality.

Here are the levels for you to join after registration


After registering, you will get the basic status. You will receive our news letter and event or party  invitation. Some new section will open up for your participation. After join our programs and other workshop, you might want ot apply athe position as creative entrepreneur to share your idea professionally..

Creative entrepreneur

In this level, you can expand your creative muscle and brain. You can share your creative project or artworks with other people. You can have the opportunity to join our productions such as playing a role  in  art program , culture workshop and social events. You will have a chance to ge

Genre: Documentary/ Length: 42 min (abridge Version) / Year: 2017

t supported and pick up a package of financial benefit, too. You can upgrade to this level after filling in your information and self-introduction in your profile.  We will open up another section f

or you.


We promote the value of humanity and nature way of developing. If you  like to be our helper on the new economy system, you can send a information to share with us. We can discuss together what we can make things work out in a better way.


Here is a new movie “the Country” directed by award-winning filmmaker Louis K Wang. Now you can watch it for free after sending a request form. Just follow with  the little cute Spot below to the rabbit hole.

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