Autumn Expo:Open Call for creative entrepreneurs and artists

iNGO Academy is now ready to take your creativity to next level. If you want to navigate your original creation in a good space, there is the opportunity right for you in Beijing.

The Cookie House is a venue to exhibit creative works on six senses. We are scheduled for a new open exhibition around September. There will be an exciting showcase offered to creatives and innovators. If you are a filmmaker、 designer 、painter、 sculptor or new media guru, it is a good opportunity for you to extend your talent to a new world.

We also welcome emerging artists to present experimental artworks on visual, auditory、scent、 gustatory 、tactual and spiritual in this place. It is the space for dedicated professionals to exchange idea and information. It open to investors as well as general public. It will be a window for people to experience new feels for both their physical and spiritual life. You can be an individual or a group. However, your creation has to be original or prototype.If you are interested in our project and want to join as our guest artists, please book up a vacancy to build up your wonderful presentation. Please contact curator Nanabee (email: and send your CV as well as art demo for more detail and arrangement. Thanks.

Taosidency Project