Project Now

This project is our effort to surfer the wave of global sustainability through art discipline. Our Project Rural Mix is a long-term pastoral experiment through art method questing for answers of new fashion of living on Earth. With good performance, we now work with local government agents and business corporations to create a realm of showroom for arts of sustainability in a new construction named “ Winter Garden”, a huge greenhouse capable to operate events of culture diversity all year long against climate change. By this project, new technologies, concepts and educational programs would have a opportunity and platform to meet the generation public domestically and internationally.

The initiation of this project comes with a opening of  art exhibition and a symposia  in 09, Dec. 2017.After, there is  a long-term goal to develop the venue into a place dedicated for arts of sustainability.

This project is led by founder of iNGO Academy, Prof. Louis K Wang. We welcome all who like to advocate reformation toward sustainability (ARTS) join this project and share artwork and experience in Beijing, China. more

Past Projects

Here are the memes that created for projects including Digital Cinema, Animation, Campaign or Projects on Cultural Creativity, Workshops on Arts and Sustainability, Media & Societal Events and Exhibition of Visual Arts. We proudly made all these production since 1997 to 2017. All Copyrighted©

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