Taosidency is now opening for apply

What is the Taosidency? What can I do with it?

Don’t panic! It’s a upgraded version of artist-in-residence program for you to experience a new kind o f life style. Everyone is sort of artist as long as feeling things.

iNGO Academy is proud to announce our Taosidency Program, a upgraded artist-in-residence for the convergent but decentralized age. It is open to all creatives of international community who want to have opportunity in China. All artists of different disciplines are welcome to apply and enjoy a privilege of freedom of speech to do artwork, filming and research academically.  There is a share studio to do arts. There are seminars to learn new knowledge. In addition to develop your gifted potentials and polish up your working skills, you can learn the specials that this residency can offer such as herbals and acupuncture. You can even learn some martial arts to strength your body.

Our idyllic resort now is open to creative people. There is an Art house called ” The Cookie House” and a huge exhibition  hall called “The Winter Garden”. That means you can exhibit your creative works to public once made done.

If you think you are an  artist , a poet , a scholar or filmmaker looking for winder inspiration, here is the place right for you.

If you are a person who wants to travel and develop your artistic creativity, you can join after taking some  instructional workshops.

You can build up your own self-directed project, based on local landscape, culture, environment or materials.

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