iNGO Academy is an independent  institute of communication arts researching for new standard and  new economic system for developing culture and arts in the 21th century.  Established by art educator as well as filmmaker Louis Wang , the administration center is  located at an opulent and Eco-friendly village where just likes the “state of nature” proposed by  French philosopher Rousseau.This resort is also with an atmosphere of Dao philosophy  , an idyllic village for spiritual cultivation and energy recharging.

We are member-oriented academy including scholars, media producers and artists, We also work with local government and conventional educational institutes. Our goal  is to find a way to enrich culture and help general public understand the value of humanity.  We present several projects with other business groups downtown area, focusing on communication arts 、 fashion and  life style.

Our mission includes to help people  looking for career development at the Fourth Industry,  to enrich production for culture and to coach people for alternative life experience. By increasing their spiritual quotient, our programs are also found  useful to people from conventional business society. All participants in our programs will have the opportunity to explore their own potential capabilities and practice hands-on skills. Also they can get helps from us to complete their own projects and earn confidence when back to their working environment.

There are several focus brands currently on public:


This is a residential project opened for all creative entrepreneurs who want to practice digital media and quest into the new economy system. Concept of sustainability will be introduced to experience and practice here. Senior  artists or culture scholars are also welcome to be the instructor to our participants.

Campus Earth

This is a series of seminar to discourse for people who are looking for new meaning to enrich life and relationship. Somehow, we found this program is also good for business personals to recharge from Eco-friendly environment. It is also a good programme for people who want to understand the value of culture diversity.

Workshop System

This is the systemic hands-on, on-location workshop for people who want to earn their confidence on creativity and improve their spiritual life. People can learn from liberal arts based on all discipline.

Urban Gallery

This is a the exhibition,  supported by local curators,  taking place inside downtown areas to showcase media contents、 artworks and result of activities.

I+ Media

This is a production house to work with investors and companies in business and industry to get a idea how to get benefited from arts and high concepts such as development of sustainability.

Center of Culture Creatives & Advertisement, Beijing(CCCA)

This is a local registered legal representative to operate campaigns and production commercially. For creative expat who wants to find a career or professional development on the field on culture and creative industry in China, here  is the place to get some consultation. for more information about the updated regulation, please check out the Q&A here.

All cultural activities are membership oriented. We welcome all who would like to take part of our study and projects. Please register as a member and contact us for further information.

more information:

Culture, Trade and Globalization

Data for the sustainable development goals.

The Belt and Road initiative