The aesthetic value is the most important asset in human civilization. People like to do business with people of good culture background, of merit and appreciation.

We are an independent research and education institute focusing on culture, media and creative arts. INGO Group includes teams of academy programming, media producing, culture researching and public projecting. Located at north side of Beijing, we work with local government and conventional educational system toward a goal that help general public an opportunity to go globalization and advance their culture development. We also manage to conduct several projects, with other business groups at downtown area, focusing on communication arts & culture exchange.

There are several working brands currently managed toward development:
RuralMix The is a residential project opened for all creative personnel who would like to experience life in a rural side of Beijing. Qualified artist or culture worker also would be invited to be the instructor of our students.
Campus Earth The is a series educational courses opened for people who are looking for international training on art and culture in a natural and original environment.
Workshop System This is the systemic hands-on on-location art workshop for people who want to earn their credits of creative mind.
Urban Gallery This is a the exhibition taking place inside downtown areas to shocase media artworks and result of activities.

: GroupINGO Academy of Media is also a place for open minded business person to find their creative inside. We welcome all who would like to lunch any business with us. Here are the outline of the subjects that may interest both parties such as below:

Digital Cinema & Animation
Campaign or Projects on Cultural and Creative Industry
Curriculum Development for University
Media & Societal Event
Exhibition of Visual Art

Culture, arts, Creativity