Let’s Play with arts and be a creative humans!

Study said that humans can easily meet with their own souls by playing with arts.It was a privilege only for aristocracy but now for anybody to experience. If you were too busy to join this practice. We make it happen to you!
There are eight levels and one certification available for your better understanding about knowledge and hand-on experience to get ready and prepare for the Fourth Industry Revolution(FIR). The package includes enhancement for any office workers or professionals, tutorials in art of life and self-upgrading towards career development.  

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Stage One:
The Human Heritage of Art & Culture

Level I
Level II
Level III

Stage Two:
Modernity & Contemporary Art

Level IV
Level V
Level VI

Stage Three:
Professional Study & Career Development in Arts

Level VII
Level VIII

Art House Movie Workshop

Art House Movie Workshop

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Cinema Workshop

Cinema Workshop

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Resilient Seminar

Resilient Seminar

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The Workshop

The Workshop

iNGO Workshops are series hands-on courses operated in a bilingual environment. Participates can exchange ideas and ...