Digital Cinema Workshop

Since China opened its door to the world, It had offered a wonderful experience to people who visited from outside decades ago. Now, upgraded infrastructure makes it a huge playground to creative people of new generation who want to find a new opportunity. In spite of its function as world factory, the entertainment and movie industries in China are also booming due to its mass population. The creative heads are definitely in demand in this arena of rushing adventure toward great tomorrow. As a filmmaker, do you want to join and find reliable supports for you personal development professionally?

When you decide to make some different and have a visit to the new cinema world, are you well prepared?

Do you familiar with this culture beside its delicious food and lifestyle at small Chinatown inside your country?

If you want to gear up all your digital tools and try your lucky career here, do you know the working ethic and related laws? 

In the age of AI, digital technologies are turning everything into virtual reality. Do you want to have more experience on the real world? Let the human to control the digital tools. You definitely need more skills.

There is a saying that artist is dead and creative entrepreneur is born. Do you believe this trend is also applied to movie industery?

Creative people with camera may just want to dig out more interesting things from normal life and edit them into a good movie. All of these kind of productivity make the core for culture and creative world meaningful.

Are you one the creative people with camera? Here is an article you may read and make decision on yourself.

As a school of creatives, we organize workshops for cinema people of same aspiration to share their talent together in China. Despite the creative things such as film making with digital tools, you can get some common understanding and know-how to join the economic society legally in this booming universe.

Now, with the help of film enthusiasts in Beijing, we are ready to offer you a Digital Cinema workshop. You are welcome to join and do networking. Let’s work digitally and share passionately on production for theatrical release.

The goal of this workshop is to give human-touch to the production world in the digital age.

Now for better management, the workshop is merged into the artist-in-residence program and headed by Prof. Louis K Wang. If you are interested in doing film or movie production, welcome to apply an opportunity in our residence.