A Note

It is a pleasure to introduce  our programme “Rural Mix” for people like you enjoying idyllic rural, cultural activities as well as aesthetics. The program takes place in a pastoral village , 40km northern off downtown Beijing, China. Beside sightseeing, meditation and culture studies, you can meet friends and take part of our projects and workshop. All will bring a unique experience to your life. If you are a person of higher spiritual quotient, art lover, serious creatives, the Ruralmix will bring you to a new horizon beyond  urban life.   In the information age , the geometric  location is not matter anymore. The experience  off -grid or off-plug is somehow essential to healthy life. Maybe you would accidentally get some new inspirations form the Nature when walking along the riverside . Plus,here you can practice your Han Chinese with friendly indigenous people.

If you have your own project such as film production, script, documentary or artwork, there are enough space , useful facilities and crew member available for you.

If you are interesting in the topic such as contemporary arts, green technology, social science, global consciousness, quantum physics and energy or simplicity and sustainable development, you are welcome to join our workshops or study groups. You can get help to dig out a lot of similar philosophies from ancient East and West culture.

Our Rose Manor, the administrating house, is located in a ranch-looked environment by the countryside of Beijing. There are several apartment available each season based on application in advance.

You might also have the opportunity to join us as an instructor coaching local learners who participate in our educational programs. Register as one of  our member and book yourself by clicking here!