Workshop System

Finding Something from hutong/alley

The Workshop System operates in a bilingual environment.  Participates can exchange ideas and learn both professional knowledge and cross-culture understandings.Through the workshop, participants can practice mandarin with local supporters, do media project and join exhibition to present works and earn certification as well as recommendation to professional society.

The Workshop System is a platform of communication arts for participants to express and share their aesthetics and cultural taste . The reservation  opens  both to  general  public sand professionals but at different levels. All can have a chance to participate and learn the new movement of the innovation.

The Workshop System is also a programs for international community whoever need  any solid experience to work for business society. It is also a good environment for you to prepare HSK test.

The courses of Workshop System is now focused as below:

  • Eco Aesthetics & Culture
  • Green technology and management
  • Nature and Sustainability
  • Cinema & New Media
  • Policy and regulation on new economy
  • Blochchain & Cryptoarts

Are you eager to join us? Register as one of our member and contact us to make a reservation of coming working season. more in original Mandarin Chinese