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Corona Fight vs Corona Virus

Let’s introduce a new free-style martial arts called Corona Fight” . First,please watch Corona Fight vs Corona Virus which may encourage you moving and dancing. It is a good exercise to enhance your immune system.

In the beginning of 2020, the world is under the fear of Corona Virus as if a horrible millennium death. It causes lethal epidemic flu incurable by any prescription at this moment. However, gradually we found its infectious power is not a rival to human’s immune system, which means someone, with a strong and healthy build once gets infected, can recovery from ill after several days’ rest. That is a good news to know. On the other hand, we have got  an apocalyptic lesson, realizing that the best antivirus dose is offered by our own immune system. Any medic drug is only outside helpers to cooperatively deal with lethel virus of this kind.

Although, there are other factors matters illness, such as clean water, fresh air as well as nutritional food,exercise plays a vital role to enhance ones immune system of a healthy body,

Modernization makes people less opportunity to do outdoor activities enough. More and more people spend time online to do work or play game. Nowadays, the global society is even built upon a giant digital web. The healthy body that the creative soul within becomes less and less important comparing to work load. When one feels not well, all sort of medicine drugs are there ready for choice. Those things however are not food for ill body. That is not a good way to drive away sickness either.

You body is a organic machine with resilient power. It is a good idea to keep a hobby to do daily exercise, such as jogging, boxing or Kung Fu. Those off-line activities will boost sheng chi and strengthen build up.

If you want to do the same move, here is a quick instruction about how to play Corona Fight.

  • First step, you need to move “chi” up by  a technique called circling breathe similar to that one used in playing didgeridoo.
  • Second step, you can try to move “chi” up and down, from chest to belly several times to create energy flow.
  • Third step, when you feel somehow heat, you can try to make “chi” transporting from right side to left side of you body, back and forth, to create an corona sense.
  • Fourth step, you will gradually get a kinematic lift  to move your legs  , kick, dodge and swing. That’s the fundamental arts for further development on your own.

Finally how about go to do some practice physical ly right away! If you are interested and want to learn more, please join our Taosidency© project!