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Designing Fashion

Fragrance of Traveler

by Nana Bee

French artist Christele Jacquemin made her latest artworks which combined visual and scent to present her life experiences in the European continent, Chinese Mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan. She sent me samples of this series. With a happy and expectant, I opened the parcel!

I open the box in which there were small and exquisite bottles as well as three photo cards. I put them in pairs according to the name of the card and bottle.

The first bottle of perfume is called “Underworld”. It has a strong aroma of pine and a mixture of grass and plants. It feels very suitable for mature men mixing with their own smell. It highlights the macho charm, strong and aggressive. The fragrance is very long-lasting, and the latter part is like the fragrance of fresh grass.

The second bottle of perfume is named “Impermanence” which aroma at first like mixed fragrance of the woods and ocean. However, it is still soft and natural in the slow volatilization. It is like the fragrance of nature coming from the sea wind. It is very fresh. This perfume is suitable for agile and refreshing girls, and also suitable for literary youth who only want a little fragrance but does not show their individuality. It creates a soft and polite cordiality that suitable for all kinds of people to use in the daily office work.

The third bottle of perfume is “Meandering Soul” in which initial aroma is like some woody, some herb flavors and a sweet smell. However, the middle part turns into the fragrance of flowers, just like feeling the intoxicating and sweet smile of women. The last part is like the Epiphyllum at night, passing a sense of mystery. From elegance to blurred, from day to night, this perfume is basically suitable for women who are full of confidence, expressing their personalities throughout the day.

If it is matched with visual works, it will enter another meditation realm with the fragrance. This is really a very artistic expression. Want to experience the latest works from Christele Jacquemin? Please contact me!

Here are the stories from artist:


This collection is made of pictures I took during a period of time I was travelling a lot between Barcelona (Spain) where I was living and Paris (France) where I was studying. This collection tells a lot about that moment of my life. I was lost and my attention was caught by the light in darkness. The pictures telling me clearly I was looking for the way out of my cave.

The fragrance that accompany the pictures tells the same story. It smells wet and cold like inside a cave, and has also a mineral, stone-like smell. But it is not only darkness and wetness. It is also light. It is also warm and dry too. I wanted the scent to be full of contrast between light and darkness, as it is in the pictures.

The fragrance contains among other ingredients:

Patchouli essential oil from Indonesia
Carrot seeds essential oil from France
Cumin essential oil from Egypt
Cardamom essential oil from Guatemala
Tuberose absolute from India
Mimosa absolute from France
Vetiver essential oil from Haiti
Black pepper essential oil from Indonesia


This collection is made of pictures I took in Jin Ze, a ancient aquatic village in the outskirts of Shanghai (China). I spent a month in this village, walking along the canals in the village, and spending a wonderful time in full connection with Nature.

The fragrance I created in connection with this photo series tells about this moment of harmony and peace. It smells aquatic and airy, and brings me back to this moment of happiness.

The fragrance contains among other ingredients:

Bergamot essential oil from Italy
Blue ginger essential oil from Madagascar
Hinoki leaf essential from Japan
Maté absolute from France
Palmarosa essential oil from India
Rose essential oil from Bulgaria


This collection is made of pictures I took in Zhongzheng district in Taipei (Taiwan) during a night at fall. This place full of mystery connected me back to Nature in such a noisy and hectic place.

The fragrance I created is an expression of a tropical moist night and is filled with serenity and mystery.

The fragrance contains among other ingredients:

Sweet fennel essential oil from Spain
Hinoki wood from Japan
Narcissus essential oil from France
Ylang ylang essential oil from Madagascar

for more information, you can visit artist official website