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Lost in Sanlitun


Homicide happened in Sanlitun, the so-called center of the Chinglish capital.

Victims are all businessmen from abroad.  A female detective is appointed by Interpol to work with local agency and investigate these cases.

She is an well-organized but serious person. In order to relieve from stressful workload, she is used to join art exhibition, getting her mind relaxed.

Gaze outward through shutters, just like a predator looking for its prey!

Gradually she has discovered a regulation from a specific style of paintings giving her somehow impression of criminal scenes where she engaged before. Each painting showed some message abstractly as if presenting what had happened to each moment of homicide.  So the name of the artist who created these paintings gets her attention. She realizes that all these works actually come from same person.

Reports from various art medias indicate that the artist who is not very famous only joins group exhibition. He has had no solo exhibition before. However his paintings are collected quickly after all shows.

On the other hand. these murdered victims  were said doing “abnormal” business operation in town. People said they deserved this kind of “treatment”. The stories are discussed  widely inside dark web.

The female detective gets information from the gallery that the artist prefers to stay at low profile.When finding out where the artist is located, she starts to trace down his trail. However, after interviewing with the artist several times, she is impressed by his talent and creative thoughts. She finds herself falling in love with him after all.

The artist is the hired hitman. With all reason, he had no choice but took the assignments from clients to murder their adversaries. He made himself a hitman with signature  by doing jobs both for client and himself in an order. He likes to make an impressive abstract artwork on each venue and record that moment. He paints art after closing a case. The collectors are those commission clients.

In the process of investigation, the female detective gradually pieces together this puzzle. The artist is the one committing these series murders. What should she do between duty and love. How to deal with this matter ? Following the law or indulging  genius to continue his way of creation, she was lost in this foreign metropolis.

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