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Windows & Doors to Metaphysical Universe

With the continuous progress of digital technology, from professionals to daily life, modern world is overly reliant on the internet. Living habits are gradually becoming virtualized. People nowaday will gradually lose the ability to perceive the accumulated experience of interacting with the natural enviroment, which will be a challenge for the development of fnext generation in civilization. For example, the fun of face-to-face communication between people will lose. What if there is a power blackout or internet outage, all the pace of life will come to a halt, and survival will be immediately threatened.

With the development of a diversified society and the synchronous development of domestic and foreign cultural groups, it is like a cross-over of parallel universe, a metaverse composed of digital virtual space, and a simulated universe of the past and present in this real world. That is good to offer options in life art.

Through these experiential art showcase, creative artworks can awaken people’s consciousness of their true selves. Art things are like small bells in dream, treasures that wake up the whole party’s vibe, like windows or doors, shuttling through the entrance of another magnificent world. Through international contemporary art and publicly culture exchanges, like gemstones on a crown, highlighting uniqueness, in addition to penetrating cultural barriers and awakening social aesthetics, it can also enhance the value of cultural assets. Based on this idea, a set of valuable art works with innovative narration are integrated to tell a story that simulates the “Analogy Universe”, past,、now or future.. Through mythology of our endeavors, viewers can experience a time and space travel, the exploration of parallel universes, identifying real entities outside virtual space, and simulating the universe that provide spiritual liberation, happiness, and energy to economic circulation.

(Project Shanghai 2024)