Original Artifact from Yin Shang Dynasty
Lantern Festival
Original Artworks from Mother Nature
New York City

Do you think you are a creative person looking for further development in career? Have you ever thought about what does sustainability means to your daily life? Do you want to be more happier by exploring yourinner self, such as doing some arts? Would you like to learn more from originals that may benefit your health?
How about come and join our Taosidency© Project? We are honored to be with you in a inward journey making invisible imagery into truth.
You may give yourself a moment to upgrade yourself by thinking some thing over . You can be part of our culture activities, workshops and exhibition. Learn more about your nature gift and potentiality through experiencing arts. Or you just need s place to do your self-directed project, present it to the public and earn somethings back to yourself legally. If some of these suggestions sound good to you, come and join our Taosidency© Project. Click button to learn more!

Rural Mix ©

This is a project of experiencing arts from unconventional society. Participators can have a chance of resilience, bringing imagination into reality. This is the age we need to learn with heterogeneous nature , get inspired from its regulation and live benevolently. Please come and visit us when you are in Beijing!

Love letter in Spring

Summer Cookie House

Autumn Fairy Tale

Winter Garden


Some is not as about so below. If you want to know more about yourself, please leave the comfortable zone where you are used to be. To be a fish out of water or take some experience with arts that may bring new inspiration to your personal life. Everyone has unique gift. Everyone coming in the world for a reason. Through method of arts, you may find a way to offer your gift in service. In the age of A.I. , humans will find new way of resilience. Here, we organize more than thousand of renown artists to help you exploring. Come and join the playground of invitational education-Talents Recovery

Nana Bee

State of Balance

Nana Bee likes arts and gastronomy. She is a Chinese novelist who, so far, wrote near thirty hard-copied books about love stories. She is neither a feminism nor vegetarian. However, she is a happy lady who has passion to life. She has developed a methodology on arts to help people finding inner harmony of truth, happiness and resilience, all of which are ways to solve all sort of issues in family or work. If you want to learn modern Chinese and creative culture, it is recommended to join her programs.

i + Media

Digital Design
Stories of Life in Arts
Culture & Fashion
Commercial & Exhibition
Professional Workshop
Media Laboatory


This is the manage entity to operate social campaigns and commercial production in great China. It is a synergy to make better value from raw cultural materials, originals and prototypes in business world. On the other hands, it also makes a home for creative expats who wants to find a career or professional development from our legal services in China, It  is the place to get opportunity and some helpful consultation. Become our member you will learn more updated supports.

Creative Assets

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