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“2023 Autumn Fairytale: Serendipity” holding for world peace

To make a wish and wait the serendipity, the fairy of tree is listening. 2023 Autumn Fairytale: Serendipity, hold by renown writer Nanabee taking place inside 798 art zone from Oct. 21 to 31 in Beijing. Five lady artists are organized  in the event to release their ideal gas from soul.

What is about that?  Communicating

In the human soul, the ‘feminine” exists both in women and men. It is a force of balance that represents values such as softness, kindness, compassion, and tolerance, different from the values of “masculine” such as power, aggression, decisiveness, and progress.

Humans grow up differently through variety journeys of life, but most of the time they are waiting for answers. On the path of growth, one is always constrained by the conventional mind. The stereotyped objects within those boxes may only be illusions of the present, rather than real needs from the original mind of oneself. Even though one has encountered, she or he may has no idea about how to be ready for the future.

“Feminine” might be a way of communication, a bridge to share thjoughts, or a platform to hold creation just like the Mother Nature.

Whether it’s urban or rural, in career or for domestic work, when determined to step out of the box, change life roles, learn to cross and jump. There is no well-designed script or predetermined role playing in life, only continuous exploration, slashing life, and steadfast walking through various life transformations, experiences, and practices, fully reaping the fruits of life in the process.

The “feminine” exists in every one of you to help those who has been confused in life, who strives to practice themselves in life, who are moving towards their dreams, who does not want to be bound by frameworks and who want to experience the life in the present and feel the growth of their soul. Awakening inner happiness, readjusting values, listening to stories, seeing the world, introspecting oneself, and meeting friends of the same frequency are the unexpected gains.

When love feels like a magic, you call it destiny. When destiny has a sense of humor, you call it serendipity.

In the 2023 Autumn Fairytale, Healing Series, curator Nanabee has selected works from the new generation artists to express contemporary “feminine” and steadfastness in tenderness. In this beautiful season, with a fairytale like gathering, let the vibe full with childlike charm and warmth telling a romantic story. In the rapidly changing society, wish all believers have a chance to tune up mood, balance inner emotions, have a moment to walk slowly perceiving own shape of soul. All works in this art exhibition are related to thestatement above. Let the Autumn Fairytale be a pivot to a sustainable world.