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Through metaverse to multiverse

Everyone has a small but unique universe, where they constantly receive signals of different frequencies. There are news every day.

One may play the leading role in his own universe but the supporting role in others’. It is weird, absurd, joyful, or sad. Everyone’s small universe is like an arena in the parallel space. When the Metaverse, formed by digital technology, gives everyone a corner to interactive and form a nova, it may happen a big cosmic explosion, crossing time and space, floating in the boundless, lost in an exotic planet. It may like aliens landing on Earth, or time travelers coming to the present. Now at the Front Gate of Beijing, the members of the xplorating Squad of Metaverse begin a night quest, using their unique super power and artistic creation to interpret the moment of being here, the offline experience.

The Front Gate may be there as usual, but from the view of extraterrestrial beings who have no knowledge of this place, it is a doubtful location as they have never been there. Could it is the intersecting spot of parallel universe? Or it is looked  familiar but not the real one.

Will extraterrestrial beings from other cosmic spaces found all people to be the same as those of their own planet, or totally different?. In modern constructions、ancient buildings and streets, people come and go, alienating or eager to blend in via communication art

So that night, the members of the Expanding Squad of Metaverse met here to have a feel on ground zero field, exchanging their idea, and sharing their own experiences and impressions with their own super power the art creation to present and report what they have encounter to the world.

In the era of decentralized world the Surge of Chinese Cntemporary Art by Gen Z underwent in this art exhibition on Earth

Curator Nanabee and her team, after nearly three months of operation, This project was officially launched on July 7th. 12 young artists from both mainland China and Taiwan, had a residency in Beijing to create artworks. Interpret the same theme and hold a joint art exhibition to share thecreation to the public.

Due to the rapid development of digital technology, convenient access and dissemination of information, and diverse social and cultural development without excellent guidance, the small universe in everyone’s mind can be connected to this all-encompassing metaverse at any time through the Internet. With the increasingly significant innovation influence of Chinese culture, there is great potential for development. The artistic creation that represents the creativity of cultural content has become a new force for discovering the future, which is the task of the “Metaverse Squad”, an expanding metaverse in the digital age, exploring human significance, using approach of contemporary art expression to delineate human values that AI cannot convey.

The art event took place in gallery of A.C. Museum locating in diplomatic district in Beijing. It is also a continue work by curator Nanabee after 20 years of experience in contemporary art management and the successful hosting of Ruralmix Art such as “Winter Garden”, “Cookie House”, and “Autumn Fairy Tales” in Beijing since 2017. It uses aesthetics to drive cultural creativity, assist in improving contemporary lifestyle, and jointly create a digital technology era with high-quality development of society and humanities.