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Early Visual Art Made With AI

a Gallery (LKW 1996)

In 1997, I got a chance to be an instructor teaching digital art in a training center inside WTC, NYC. At that time, the CGI phenomena emerged about to its peak. Two year before, a full computer-generated animation film called “Toy Story” was released on big screens. And it’s a blockbuster of that year! For creatives, that is exciting news to know and a brand new cause to learn how-to, mastering these new tools for their art agenda. Especially at that time for those artists who wanted to go advanced to best, this was a new uncharted front.

Shaman of Metaverse (LKWART 1997)

Motion pictures and still image are able to be processed and presented to viewers digitally. Professionals of creative industry everywhere, such as SFX designer、animator、filmmaker or visual artist began to move into this new wave of production. Meanwhile, many vanguard art-house or indie filmmakers were creating new genre to express their ideas or new language for their universe in new network along the progressing Internet. Digital art using computer as tools was transforming cinema world to a new horizon. On the other hand, the heavy duty movie industry was collapsing and rearranging. For most creative of that time, the digital art stood for an innovative thing waiting for more masterpieces. Good or bad, everyone now have experienced the most of these creations.

into the Metaverse (LKW1997)

When someone tells you that the future is an illusory world, will you collapse?

While you taking it as a doubt, the release of “Matrix” has told you a story about poor humans in a world full of technology and machines. I was not surprised because of the future world presented by this movie because I had presented this concept when in the Institute and discussed this topic with my graduation creation.

Duma (LKW1998)

The development of science in society and technology not only makes life convenient but also brings panic. Information of all aspects are flying all over the world through the digital network. Today, the publics have be long used to CG and digital devices, just like early films or TV, from amazing gifts to small ornaments of life. Nowadays, when most people see a cool or interesting picture, they intuitively ask what software is used to make it, rather than ask what concept is it expressing. Whether static or animated picture, ithey are just in a journey of algorithm with computer. If the aesthetic task is not controlled by human, but AI, what will this art creation mean to the human world? Could it still be called the art?

Virtual Doll Luxy Lin (LKW1996)

Now is an era hi-tech. everyone can use app in the mobile to create, edit, multiply copy, collage materials and show off to firends. Can this sort of operating be called art working?

I agree the discipline from art school. When someone wants to explain what digital art is in a literal way, it’s better not forget to discuss the connection between the creator and created works, the relationship between the meaning and contemporary world, as well as aesthetic concepts. Then art is no longer a myth, but something everyone can do or enjoy. Therefore, it is superfluous to stick to the text to explain the definition!

Watermaster (LKWART 1998)

In the world of digital art, regardless of image, music, 3D printing or animation, although they rely on technology, the main body of creation comes from human mind. The reason why digital art will be valued today is not because of the convenience brought by the breakthrough of technology, but because of how an artist with innovative idea that can creates more diversified and original works through scientific and technological tools, expressing the inner world and transferring cognition to achieve a kind of communication.

Myth of the Digital (LKW1998)

If you are culture and art lovers, lifestyle players, filmmakers or scholars or collectors who want to have a deeper understanding on digital art, welcome to participate in the movement to search new artform with digital tools and experience the nature touch with digital technology in art way. Along with the crypto art, NFT, web3.0 and more and more  tool-based concepts are coined into the world, what’s the next in the digital age? I believe only deep involvement + participation can help the sustainable vibe for self and share with others during the transformation of century.

Cookie House original (LKW2007)

I ‘d like to believe that the art business isn’t just about selling some artworks; it’s about developing an ecosystem that supports the creative community as a whole.

(by Louis K Wang)